Nimbus Lawyer was founded by an experienced, innovative attorney, Mr. Ili J. Subhan, Esq. In 2014, he was looking for a digital solution to enable him to sell legal services and documents online as well as enabling him to work remotely from anywhere in the world. During his due diligence, he could not find an all-in-one solution designed to his standards. That didn’t stop him from setting out to make his own digital solution.

In 2015, he began developing a legal web based platform that allowed him to streamline client intake, improve client communication, automate documents, and even sell legal services online. He found that by using his legal system, he improved the client experience, and he was able to grow his business. With a proven concept and a strong desire to help solo and small firm attorneys succeed, Nimbus Lawyer was born.

We are sure you are also wondering about our name. Well, Nimbus is a rain cloud. And, lawyers who use innovative technologies and business development practices to generate additional clients and revenue for their firms are called rainmakers. It is also a play on words – Nimble Business Lawyer. Therefore, Nimbus Lawyer is focused on helping solo and small firm attorneys become rainmakers and nimble business lawyers for their firms.